Security Operations

Monitoring and Protecting Your Enterprise Infrastructure

What We Do

Hill Associates ensures that your Security Operations defends against unauthorized activity within computer networks, including, at a minimum, detecting, monitoring, and analyzing suspicious activity as well as leading the response to malicious activity, contributing to restoration activities, and providing a structure for users to report suspected cybersecurity events.  

Core Capabilities Provided to Clients

  • SOC operations
  • Monitoring and Analysis
  • Incident Response
  • Threat Intelligence, including Advanced Persistent Threat
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Digital Media Analysis

Services Delivered

  • Security Monitoring. Enterprise security operations oversight and support
  • Security Response. Expert operators protecting the enterprise and responding to incidents using SIEM tools
  • Threat Intelligence. Understanding capabilities of threat actors, including their tools, techniques and procedures
  • Analysis and Reporting. Assessment of vulnerabilities with situational awareness and policy-based reporting

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