About Us

Why choose Hill Associates?

If you have a large IT infrastructure system or program you need to plan, develop, transition, operate, or secure, Hill Associates is the company you can trust for staffing and support.

  • Enterprise IT Experts

    We specialize in enterprise class telecommunications, network, and cloud infrastructure solutions, and are experts in the demanding security needs of large government organizations.

  • We are a Part of Your Team

    We come in as your partners ensuring that your IT network and computer systems are securing your data, delivering the power and flexibility that you need to deliver critical services, and expanding smoothly as your organization evolves.

  • Proactive Solutions

    Our team delivers proactive solutions to avoid potential IT issues before they become a problem.

Our History

Hill Associates started in 2002 with the mission to help federal agencies benefit from the technical expertise of our original consultants. As we helped our clients solve their toughest challenges, our clients gave us more problems to solve.

With every new opportunity we dedicated ourselves to making our clients’ mission our own, and took pride in the accomplishments we achieved alongside them. As a result, our team grew and evolved over time along with our clients.

We have built our reputation as a trusted IT partner that delivers a full range of business and technical advisory services, and are ready to help you next.

Wise Counsel, Proven Performance

We are led by a team of proven technical and business professionals with a history of success in architecting, designing, implementing, optimizing, and overseeing IT infrastructure programs, projects, and initiatives.