PMO Development and Operations

Setting up and Operating Your Most Important Programs

What We Do

Hill Associates helps develop PMOs from the ground up at federal departments and agencies with large-scale enterprise programs.  We identify the need for a PMO based on the scale of the IT program and stakeholders and customers supported.  We right-size the PMO based on the customer organization and align the organization sponsors, executives, program managers, and other PMO resources to have the most impact on the program.  We set up PMOs with performance standards that exceed customer expectations.  

Core Capabilities Provided to Clients

  • PMO organization setup and resource alignment
  • Comprehensive stakeholder identification and management
  • Repeatable and documented processes for operational effectiveness
  • Constant evaluation of program product and service offerings
  • Metrics-based performance assessment
  • Continuous improvement strategy
  • Risk management and mitigation
  • Stakeholder communication
  • Cost management

Services Delivered

  • Controls and KPIs. Establishment of fundamental controls and metrics to help assess the performance of the program
  • Effective Change Management. Change process and adoption to mitigate unforeseen issues
  • Performance-based Decision Making. Key program decisions are made a gate reviews based on performance and results
  • Stakeholder Buy In. Key stakeholders recognize and push PMO vision, mission, and strategy of the program

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