Performance Management

Assuring Customers the Right Solution Performs as Planned

What We Do

Hill Associates believes that Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) is not just about quality assurance; it’s about ensuring that real-world solutions and operational processes deliver as expected and consistently to  meet customer objectives. We provide unbiased independent assessments to detect issues early-on, mitigate risks, and provide customers with recommendations based on industry standards and best practices acquired through decades of experience. Partnering with our customers to monitor vendor activities continuously throughout the project lifecycle – from conceptualization to steady-state operation – enables better decision-making through objective visibility into project progress, quality, and risks.

Core Capabilities Provided to Clients

  • Metric monitoring
  • Vendor oversight
  • Verification & validation
  • Vendor contract compliance
  • Test planning and execution
  • Risk analysis and mitigation
  • IV&V lifecycle program oversight
  • Auditing

Services Delivered

  • Point-in-Time Assessments.  Snapshot of your project at a specific point during the lifecycle based on document reviews, stakeholder interaction, and observation
  • IV&V Full Lifecycle Program Support. Conformance with performance metrics, cost constraints, schedules, and third-party analysis with improvement recommendations
  • Solution Verification. Requirements, design, implementation, and processes are appropriate, accurate, and consistent with customer intentions
  • Quality Assurance Surveillance. Vendor performance and compliance, QASP, and ongoing compliance monitoring and reporting

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