Technical Support

Transforming Your Enterprise Technology Solutions

What We Do

Hill Associates provides technical support for programs, projects, or initiatives by first stepping back and helping determine what is the optimal technical solution based on the business need.  We work with agencies to evaluate and then support the implementation of new technologies.  As part of our support we help assess technical architectures and designs, develop implementation and transition plans, and oversee vendor services through effective monitoring tools and solutions.

Core Capabilities Provided to Clients

  • Architecture and design of IT solutions
  • Data, voice, video engineering and operations support
  • Data center facilities and service support
  • TIC architecture and engineering
  • Unified communications deployment
  • Telecommunications carrier oversight

Services Delivered

  • Enterprise Telecommunications Transformation. Strategic plan for implementing an enterprise system that integrates existing and new services
  • Product or Service Upgrade. Plan to assess, estimate, and develop plans to upgrade existing products and services
  • New Technology Introduction. Business case to determine the near and long term viability of new product or service offerings
  • Problem Resolution. Support for hard to resolve and recurring IT service problems

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